Our products are high quality and made from the Areca tree making them:

  • Biodegradable, sustainable and compostable
  • Chemical-free and reduced carbon footprint
  • Shape and quality is sustained in heat, refrigerator and freezer condition
  • Leakproof for both hot and cold foods
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Support local communities

Some of our most FAQ:

1. How are Eco Dinnerware products sold? 

Typically sold in packages of 10, 50, and 100, although it may vary depending on the specific product. Visit the store for more details.


2. How strong are the plates? 

Our biodegradable plates are very strong. Unlike plastic, you won’t get burns from hot foods and liquids. The quality and shape is maintained in heat and freezing temperatures.


3. What are the prints on my Eco Dinnerware plates?

These are the unique marks and patterns found on the leaf as they are 100% natural


4. Can I put Eco Dinnerware plates in the fridge or freezer? 

Yes, the whole leaf products are fine in the fridge and freezer.


5. How are the Eco Dinnerware plates made? 

The Areca leaves are collected and washed in locally sourced spring water. They are placed in a heat press and stamped into shape. They are cut into the finished bowl, plate or platter.


6. Do I need to wash the plates before use?

No. They have been sterilized and cleaned before hand are are ready to use straight out of the package!


7. Do Eco Dinnerware plates hold liquid? 

Yes, remarkably well in fact! They will hold water, soup, curry or baba ganoush with ease. You won’t get the sogginess you normally get from other disposable plates.


8. How do your products react to heat?

They insulate against heat very well, you don’t have to worry about burning your hands while holding a bowl of hot soup.


9. Do Eco Dinnerware products add any taste to food? 

Not at all. Eco dinnerware products are 100% chemical free and DO NOT add any taste to your food.


10. Why aren’t all plates the same colour and pattern? 

Our products are 100% natural, therefore it may vary. All efforts have been made to accurately show the unique and natural variations of our products on screen, but colors and patterns do vary

  • Our products reflect the natural variability of the leaves, so plates may have variations in colours

  • If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us and we’d he happy to help!


Phone: 1-800 292 6518

Fax: 1-855 722 2467

Email: customerservice@ecodinnerware.ca

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