Sugarcane 6 x6 Take out container -500 Pieces Per Case


Ingredients – Only one Ingredient sugarcane bagasse of plant Origin

Made from sustainable, natural resources. Fully compo-stable, 100% Biodegradable, in a short period.

Fit to use in microwave oven or refrigerator

USDA Certified Bio-based Product

Nontoxic, harmless, healthy

Can be used for both hot and cold items

No Pesticide /Chemical Residue does not impart color, odor, or taste to foods.

Sturdy and strong

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  • Take out container 6 x6 x6
  • Made out of Sugarcane
  • Sturdy, Ecofriendly, Compostable
  • Material: Bagasse
  • Shape: Square
  • Color: White
  • Capacity: 450ml


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